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@Name("DoubleLinkedList") @Properties(inherit=leptonica.class) public class DLLIST extends Pointer
\file list.h
       Cell for double-linked lists

       This allows composition of a list of cells with
           prev, next and data pointers.  Generic data
           structures hang on the list cell data pointers.

       The list is not circular because that would add much
           complexity in traversing the list under general
           conditions where list cells can be added and removed.
           The only disadvantage of not having the head point to
           the last cell is that the list must be traversed to
           find its tail.  However, this traversal is fast, and
           the listRemoveFromTail() function updates the tail
           so there is no searching overhead with repeated use.

       The list macros are used to run through a list, and their
       use is encouraged.  They are invoked, e.g., as

             DLLIST  *head, *elem;
             L_BEGIN_LIST_FORWARD(head, elem)
                 <do something with elem and/or elem->data >