All Implemented Interfaces:

@Name("JbData") @Properties(inherit=leptonica.class) public class JBDATA extends Pointer
 The JbData struct holds all the data required for
 the compressed jbig-type representation of a set of images.
 The data can be written to file, read back, and used
 to regenerate an approximate version of the original,
 which differs in two ways from the original:
   (1) It uses a template image for each c.c. instead of the
       original instance, for each occurrence on each page.
   (2) It discards components with either a height or width larger
       than the maximuma, given here by the lattice dimensions
       used for storing the templates.
  • Constructor Details

    • JBDATA

      public JBDATA()
      Default native constructor.
    • JBDATA

      public JBDATA(long size)
      Native array allocator. Access with Pointer.position(long).
    • JBDATA

      public JBDATA(Pointer p)
      Pointer cast constructor. Invokes Pointer(Pointer).
  • Method Details

    • position

      public JBDATA position(long position)
      position in class Pointer
    • getPointer

      public JBDATA getPointer(long i)
      getPointer in class Pointer
    • pix

      public PIX pix()
      template composite for all classes
    • pix

      public JBDATA pix(PIX setter)
    • npages

      @Cast("l_int32") public int npages()
      number of pages
    • npages

      public JBDATA npages(int setter)
    • w

      @Cast("l_int32") public int w()
      max width of original page images
    • w

      public JBDATA w(int setter)
    • h

      @Cast("l_int32") public int h()
      max height of original page images
    • h

      public JBDATA h(int setter)
    • nclass

      @Cast("l_int32") public int nclass()
      number of classes
    • nclass

      public JBDATA nclass(int setter)
    • latticew

      @Cast("l_int32") public int latticew()
      lattice width for template composite
    • latticew

      public JBDATA latticew(int setter)
    • latticeh

      @Cast("l_int32") public int latticeh()
      lattice height for template composite
    • latticeh

      public JBDATA latticeh(int setter)
    • naclass

      public NUMA naclass()
      array of class ids for each component
    • naclass

      public JBDATA naclass(NUMA setter)
    • napage

      public NUMA napage()
      array of page nums for each component
    • napage

      public JBDATA napage(NUMA setter)
    • ptaul

      public PTA ptaul()
    • ptaul

      public JBDATA ptaul(PTA setter)